Small Water Lilies


Pink, streaked You will find this fragrant American hybrid In a number of catalogues orange and red. but not in the bestseller lists It is an eye-catching flower with bright Red-tipped stamens petals and stamens Worth considering


Deep blood red Orange stamens

An excellent choice for a small pond — this German-bred variety is both reliable and prolific The [towers are upright and are borne on or just above the surface Dull olive-green leaves


Carmine red Orange stamens

Few Water Lilies are praised so highly The reason is that it is adaptable — it will stand a partly-shaded spot better than others Paeony-shaped flowers — purplish leaves


Red — darkens with age. Orange-red stamens

One of the brightest of the reds Like other N laydekeri varieties this one is suitable tor a minipond — leaves are few but flowers are plentiful. Foliage Is long-stemmed with purple undersides


Deep pink — darkens with age. Orange stamens

Another of the N. laydekeri varieties which is suitable for the little garden pond or minipond Petals are pointed and the flowers are plentiful. Leaves are blotched with brown — undersides are purple


Canary ye! low. Orange-yellow stamens

Popular, but not a good choice as It needs above-average temperatures to bloom freely. Star-shaped slightly fragrant flowers are borne above the surface Peials are narrow and leaves are mottled


Orange. Golden stamens

One of the Changeables — the pointed petals are at first buff yellow and then change to orange-pink and finally to coppery red. The leaves are spotted with brown or purple

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