Polluted Water

Polluted water may or may not be discoloured or srnelty — the key feature is that It is harmful in some way to plants and/or fish. There are several forms of pollution. An oily film may develop on the surface due to the decomposition of Water Lily and Deep-water aquatic foliage — this can cut down the oxygenation of the water and should be removed by pulling a sheet of newspaper over the surface. Black water indicates decomposition of fallen leaves or dead fish — if the problem is severeyou wilf have to drain, clean and refill the pond. This drastic treatment will also be necessary if the pollutant is paint, weedkiller or other harmful chemical. The final type of pollutant occurs in small ponds which are well-stocked with fish. After a few years the waste products from thefish. old fish food, dead organisms etc produce water which can be moderately toxic. A partial water change in spring or early autumn is the answer — pump out a quarter of the water from the pond and then trickte in tap water very slowly until the original level is reached

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