Peltandra Arrow Arum

The best-known species is Peitandra virginica. the Green Arrow Arum. The large arrow-shaped leaves are glossy and deeply ribbed, and in June the flowers appear

  • pale green Arum-like blooms which look rather like large Callas. These flowers are followed by green berries
  • hence the common name. This Peltandra grows about Vh-2 ft high and the recommended planting depth is 3-5 in. You should be able to find asupplier without much trouble — harder to find is the more showy species P. alba (White Arrow Arum). The spathe of the flowers which appear In June is almost pure white rather than green and the berries are an eye-catching red instead of dull green. The planting depth is 3-5 in.

PROPAGATION: Divide clumps In spring

( PONTEDERIA Pickerel Weed

A Marginal for which there is nothing but praise — the bold glossy leaves form attractive clumps which do not spread to nuisance-sized proportions, and the flowers appear when most Marginals have stopped blooming. The popular species is Pontederia cor data which has heart-shaped leaves and between July and September it bears cylindrical spikes of pale blue flowers. The height of the flower-stalks bearing these terminal spikes is 2-2V4 ft. Planting depth is 3-5 in. — note that it is important to cover the crown with at least 3 in, of water to avoid winter frost damage. There is a white variety (alba) which is hard to find. Equally difficult to find is the tall P. lanceolata (3-4 ft) which has lance-shaped leaves and bright blue flowers.

PROPAGATION: Divide clumps in late spring.

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PROPAGATION: Divide rhizomes In spring.

PROPAGATION: Sow seeds under glass or divide clumps of named varieties in spring


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