Dwarf Water Lilies


Orange' red. Golden stamens

A Changeable variety which is compact enough (spread 1 '.i-2 ftl tor a half-barrel or other minipond Colour changes Irom pinkish yellow to Deep orange and then ruby red Leaves splashed with brown


White, Golden stamens

This native or N. Europe is a good choice if you want a white variety for a minipond. The cup-shaped flowers are held above the surface — in the heart of the blooms are bright red stigmas


Orange. Orange-red stamens

Owarf or Small, the catalogues cant agree They do agree, however, that this is a good variety for a small pond or minipond — very free-flowering with attractive purple-splashed leaves


Pale pink — darkens with age. Yellow stamens

The fragrant blooms are cup-shaped with the pointed petals arranged above the dark green sepals. Leaves are blotched with brown A smaller variety than N laydekeri Fulgens' and Purpurata'

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