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Cats often sit at the pondside and stare at the fish below It is therefore not surprising that they are often blamed for the disappearance of Goldfish, Rudd etc but they are not usually the culprits. A cat does not like water, and a healthy fish can easily avoid Its probing paw It seems that only sluggish and sickly fish get caught.

Birds are a bigger problem. The gull may take a fish or two from a pond and the attractive kingfisher will dive for small fish, but it is the heron which is the chief pond robber A tali bird about 3 ft high — It stands motionless in shallow water and then with a rapid thrust of the head catches its prey. You may never see this as the heron hunts at daybreak. Netting is one answer, but a less unsightly one Is to insert a series of 6 in. high canes around the edge of the pond. Join the tops with tishmg line or strong thread The heron is a wader and will not step over this obstruction.

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