Biodome Greenhouse

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Biodome Greenhouse


Suzanne Frutig Baies

New York ♦ !/union ♦ Toronto ♦ Sydney ♦ Tokyo ♦ Singapore

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Hales. Suzanne Frulig.

'Hie Burpee American gardening series. V egetables / Suzanne Fmlig Bales.

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Drafclltgs by Michael («ale

Best \ egetable Carden watercolor by Jean l-aHue Best \ cp-lablc Carden plan by Richard Cafnbicr

1 mil happy In finally express my deep gratitude to (he many people who huve hel|>ed me while I was writing this book. My thanks go to (•ilia Norgard. Martha Kraska and my husband and partner. Carter F. Bales, for providing nte with unending help, support and low- and to Alice K. Irey». my close friend and mentnr.

I am indebted lo horticulturists Chela Kleiber. Eileen Kearney. Steve Frowine. Carol Whitenack, Charles Cresson. Jim Hoge and Kalpli Horcltard: In the Burpee breeders Dr. Dennis Flaschenreint. Teresu Jacobsen, John J. Mondry. Dr. Nung Che Chen. Dr. Michael Burke and Lois Stringer: to Jonathan Burpee and the Burpee customer service department: and to photography coordinator Barbara Wolvertoii and administrative assistant Elda Malgieri.

At Prentice Mali Press I would like to thank Anne Zeman. publisher, editor and gardener, whose watchful eye. patience, enthusiasm and belief in these books have made them a reality; Kebecca Atwatcr. whose twist of a phrase and change of a word have greatly improved and polished these books: Rachel Simon for her patience and thoroughness.

PHKNTICK IIAI.I. PHKSS 15 Columbus Circle New York. NY 10023

PHKNTICK IIAI.I. PHKSS 15 Columbus Circle New York. NY 10023

Suzanne Frulig Hale.

Cover: The abundance of harvest lasts for many months with a well-planned and maintained garden, /'receding puges: Vegetables, herbs, and flowers for cutting grow side by side in the wulhur's vegetable garden.


The Vegetable Garden Planner 7

Designing a Vegetable Garden 11

The Vegetable Planting and Growing Guide 21

Plant Portraits 41

Pests and Diseases 80

Gardeners' Most-Asked Questions H9


The USD A Plant Hardiness Map of the United States

1 ndex 95

Vegetables Over Water Garden
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