Sink several strong posts at 6-foot intervals, then attach trellis netting of durable, reusable white nylon, or stretch two or more strong wires across the posts, with one strand near the top of the post and one strand 8 to 12 inches above the ground. Plant between the posts, close to the netting, spacing the plants Wz to 2V-z feet apart. Prune to one or two shoots per plant.

As the plants grow, weave the stems into the netting. Or you can cut a long strand of strong, weather-resistant twine for each shoot, fasten it to the bottom wire and then wrap the twine loosely around the lower stems of the plants and tie the other end to the top wire. Keep wrapping the twine loosely around the stems as the plants grow.

Portable, folding A-frame trellises are available ready-made or can be built using two wooden frames, 5 feet by 6 feet, hinged at the top and covered with chicken wire.

Hinged Wooden Trellis

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