Pixie Hybrid II Tomatoes

Off-season vegetables are always a treat and a conversation stimulator, and one of the best is Burpee's 'Pixie Hybrid II'. This tomato is blissfully happy indoors, in pots and window boxes. It is a fast-growing variety and tops out at an average height of 18 inches.

Crown outdoors in the summer. 'Pixie Hybrid li ripens in just over 50 days from the time seedlings are planted: indoor growth takes somewhat longer. Careful planning, per the chart below, can keep you in tasty, bright-scarlet tomatoes all year long. The 'Pixie Hybrid II'fruit is just under 2 inches across and is meatier than most small-fruited tomatoes.

Sow the seeds following the directions for planting indoors, cover lightly, and keep evenly moist at a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thin to one sturdy plant in each 8 x 8-inch or larger container by snipping off the extra plants once a second pair


Start to


Pick Fruits





Early January




of leaves appears. I When thinning, do not pull up plants as this may upset the growth of the remaining seedling by disturbing the roots.)

This a good time to add sturdy stakes to provide support for the heavy fruit set. Plant the stake alongside the seedling stem far away enough to avoid contact with the roots. Tie up the branches with soft twine or strips of cloth as needed. Three stakes at the edge of the pot allow the growing plant more freedom to move: wrap loosely with string here too.

If you have room and good exposure, keep seedlings in full sun. Otherwise, light can be provided with fluorescent "grow"

lights set 4 to 6 inches above the seedlings for 12 to 14 hours per day.

Setting the Fruit

/Is the flowers start to often, tap each cluster with your finger or a pencil. This will assure better pollination and fruit set. Tap the flowers in the midmorning when the pollen is less gummy. 'Pixie Hybrid If plants are detenuinate—they mature at the same time—and for best production should not be pruned. Garden-grown Pixies will be larger than plants grown indoors . Pixies are good for eating out of hand and are excellent for tomato sauce.

Container gardening doesn't have to stop when Jack Frost c hases you indoors. Larger containers can he placed on wheels, and you can move them indoors. You can start new containers indoors, too. and grow some vegetables all winter in a sunny window or under lights.

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