Serving suggestions

Savory has a peppery flavor that is good with fish, poultry, and in egg dishes. Try it in vinegars, or add a little to a cheese souffle.

Sesame Seeds

seeds is used for cooking and in salad dressings.

Where and when to grow

Sesame is easy to grow if you can give it a growing season of about 120 days; it grows well in the warm, dry areas of the South and Southwest. Plant it when danger of frost is over.

How to plant

Give sesame a place in the sun in well-drained, fertile soil. When you're preparing the soil, dig in a complete, well-balanced fertilizer at the rate of one pound per 100 square feet. Four to six weeks after the average date of last frost, plant the seeds a half inch deep in rows 12 to 18 inches apart. Thin the plants to 12 to 18 inches apart when they are four to five weeks old.

Fertilizing and watering

Fertilize before planting and again at midseason, at the same rate as the rest of the garden. Detailed information on fertilizing is given in "Spadework: The Essential Soil" in Parti.

Allow the plants to dry out between waterings.


Sesame has no serious pest problems.


Sesame has no serious disease problems.

When and how to harvest

Harvest about 90 to 120 days after planting when the mature seed pods are about the size of a peanut. Crack the pods open carefully, and remove the seeds.

Storing and preserving

Store the dried sesame seeds in an airtight container. Detailed information on storing and preserving is given in Part 3.

Serving suggestions

Toast sesame seeds and toss them over vegetable dishes or soups. They give an extra crunch to pan-fried fish. Or, just eat the roasted seeds as a snack. Sesame is used a lot in Oriental dishes and the seeds, untoasted, are added to cookies, cakes, and breads before baking.

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