Recording the growth of your garden

If you're serious about gardening, you should keep records. Planning your records should be part of planning your garden. The better the planning, the more efficient use you'll be able to make of your time

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and the more time you will have for enjoying the pleasures of your garden — not just keeping up with the chores. Build your records the same way you build your garden; profit from past mistakes, and Incorporate new ideas.

Start out with a ledger that has sewn-in pages. Don't write notes on slips of paper and expect to be able to find the one you want when you want It. Don't use a three-ring notebook, because if you can take a page out you will, and then you'll probably lose it. Your first entry m your record of your vegetable garden should be the plot you designed when you

Grow Cucumbers Hanging Basket
Small-space gardeners carl gro w cucumbers in a hanging basket.

ordered the seeds. Mark this page with a paper clip so you can easily find it.

After the garden plot, you can keep a daily record of preparing the soil, planting, weeding, fertilizing, growing results (or lack of results); whether the harvest of each item was sufficient, too much, or not enough; and problems with weeds, bugs, or lack of rain. At the end of the growing season you'll have a complete record of what you did — and a record can be good for the morale.

Your record will list the plants that did well In your garden and those that didn't, and this information will give you the basics for planning next year's garden. Include in your ledger comments about the weather, varieties of plants that were productive or flopped, and notes about why you think some plants made it and others did not.

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