Put your sealed freezer packages in the coldest spot in your freezer, which should be set at 0°F. Place the containers in a single layer, leaving a little space between each package for heat to escape — or follow any specific freezing directions given by the manufacturer. Be sure to set the freezer temperature control to the lowest setting several hours before you'll be preparing food for freezing.

Look back to the use-and-care book that came with your freezer to locate the coldest sections. If you have an upright freezer, the shelves are the coldest places; in a chest freezer, the coldest places are near the walls. In a combination refrigerator-freezer, the shelves inside the freezer—not the door shelves — are the coldest places.

After arranging packages in a single layer, shut the freezer and leave it alone for 24 hours. When that time has elapsed, the food should be frozen solid. Stack it up and move it away from the coldest part to

Delicate vegetables like asparagus should be briefly tray frozen before they're packaged. Spread the blanched vegetables in a single layer on a cookie sheet or tray, and freeze them until fust solid. Then transfer the frozen vegetables to containers and store them in the freezer.

another area in the freezer for storage. Then you can add another batch to be frozen.

Your freezer can only freeze a limited amount of food at a time, usually two to three pounds of food for each cubic foot of freezer space. Don't try to freeze any more than that or the food will freeze too slowly and quality will be lowered. The amount of food your freezer can freeze at once helps you determine how much food to prepare for the freezer on any particular day. If you have more food to be frozen than your freezer can take, either refrigerate packages for a day or so (not much longer), or cart it all to a locker to be frozen, then transfer it to your home freezer. Always try to keep a cold spot free to quickly freeze additional food.

When you're done freezing food In quantity, reset the control to the setting that will maintain 0°F.

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