Common name: parsley Botanical name: Petroselinum crispum Origin: Mediterranean


Moss Curled (70 days); Perfection (75 days); Hamburg or Parsnip-Rooted parsley (90 days).


Parsley is a hardy biennial that is treated as an annual. It has finely divided, fernlike leaves that are either flat or curly. The leaves grow in a rosette from a single taproot that in some varieties is quite large and can be eaten like parsnips. Parsley has flat-topped clusters of greenish-yellow flowers, similar to those of dill, which belongs to the same family. The Romans wore parsley wreaths to keep from becoming intoxicated. Parsley is probably the best known of the herbs used for flavoring and for garnish.

Where and when to grow

Parsley will grow anywhere and can survive cold. It tolerates heat, but very hot weather will make the plant go to seed. Plant parsley

Parsley seedling

Parsley seedling two to three weeks before your average date of last frost. Parsley also does well as a houseplant; some gardeners bring parsley in from the garden in fall and let it winter in a bright window.

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