Other basic equipment

Besides the freezer and blancher, the basic equipment for freezing consists of whatever kitchen implements you'll need to prepare the food for packaging. Remember that it's essential to keep equipment, work area, and hands clean. To freeze vegetables successfully, you'll need:

Rigid freezer containers with airtight lids for liquid foods: plastic freezer containers; freezer cans or jars with wide mouths Bags: plastic storage bags; heavy-duty plastic bags; or boilable pouches String, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, or twist ties to fasten freezer bags Shallow tray, cookie sheet, or jelly-roll pan for tray freezing Additional heavy-duty plastic wrap or heavy-

duty aluminum foil Sharp paring knife Chopping knife

Colander, sieve, strainer, or paper towels Stiff vegetable scrubbing brush Teakettle for extra boiling water Ricer, food mill, or blender for mashing or pureeing

Freezer tape to seal wrapped foods and to make labels Grease pencil or felt-tip marker or pressure-sensitive labels for labeling packages

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