Fertilizing and watering

The organic content of the soil is important, but fertilizing isn't; don't fertilize because it will decrease the flavor of the garlic bulbs. Detailed information on fertilizing is given in "Spadework: The Essential Soil" in Part 1.

Keep the garlic slightly dry, especially when the bulbs are near maturity; this also improves the flavor. Keep the area cultivated.


Occasionally onion thrips may attack garlic, but they don't constitute a real problem; hose them off the plants if they do appear. Garlic is a good crop for the organic gardener. Detailed information on pest control is given in "Keeping Your Garden Healthy" in Parti.


Mildew may occur in a warm, moist environment, but it's not

Garlic seedling

Garlic seedling common enough to be a problem. Keep the garlic fairly dry.

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