Dry shed or attic storage

Dry shed or attic storage provides cold, dry storage — just right for onions, shallots, pumpkins, and winter squash. By "dry shed," we mean any location that offers constant low temperatures and low humidity. This could be a garage, an unheated breezeway, a shed or storage building, even an unused doghouse, (if your garage or storage shed is fragrant with oil and gasoline, it's no good for storing vegetables. Some vegetables will absorb the oil and gasoline fumes and odors.) In milder winter zones, shelves in a storage shed or boxes on the floor may work well. If you live in a very cold region, you may have to insulate the corner of the shed to keep the vegetables from freezing.

Attic storage is convenient only if temperatures can be held somewhat constant. Since many attics will warm up quickly on a sunny day, you'll have to construct a special little storage area In it. Choose a spot that's well-insulated and near ventilation in the coldest part of the attic. Partition and roof it off from the rest of the attic, and use it for storing winter squash and onions.

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