Sage is a hardy, perennial shrub that grows to two feet tall and gets quite woody. The leaves are oval, sometimes five inches long. Gray leaves are more common but several varieties have variegated leaf color. The flowers are bluish-lavender and grow on spikelike stems. Traditionally, sage water is supposed to improve the memory and keep the hair from falling out. The purple or golden varieties make delightful ornamental houseplants. They're smaller plants than the

Sage seedling

green or gray varietiesA but they're prettier, and the flavor is just as good. Most garden shops and catalog lists offer only the gray varieties. Go to a herb specialist for the less common types.

Where and when to grow

Sage, like most herbs, is an accommodating plant that will grow anywhere. In northern areas, mulch to help the plants survive the winter.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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