Pests Feeding on Flowers Seeds or Seedpods

Cabbageworms: Southern Weevils: Cabbage seedpod

Other Pests Occasionally Found on Cabbage and Related Crops

Ant: Red imported fire Aphids: Buckthorn, potato

Armyworms and cutworms: Beet, bertha, fall, southern, yellowstriped and western yellowstriped army-worm; corn earworm; army, black, clover, darksided, dingy, glassy, granulate, redbacked, spotted, and variegated cutworm Blister beetles: Black, immaculate, spotted, striped Borers: European corn, lesser cornstalk, stalk Crickets: Fall, spring, and southeastern field; short-

winged, southern, and tawny mole; Mormon Earwig: European, ringlegged

Flea beetles: Hop, palestriped, potato, redheaded, southern tobacco, smartweed, tobacco, tuber, western potato Flies: European crane, small fruit Grasshoppers: Differential, eastern lubber, migratory, twostriped

Leaf beetles: Banded and spotted cucumber

Leafhoppers: Aster, western potato

Loopers: Bean leafskeletonizer; bilobed, celery, plantain, soybean Millipedes: Garden Other bugs: False chinch

Other caterpillars: Saltmarsh, whitelined sphinx, yellow woollybear Pill bugs: Common

Plant bugs: Garden fleahopper, pale legume, tarnished, western tarnished

Scarab beetles: Asiatic garden, Chinese rose, Japanese Slugs

Springtails: Garden Snails

Stink bugs: Brown, green, Say, southern green Thrips: Bean, melon

Webworms: Celery and false celery leaftier; alfalfa, beet, garden Whiteflies: Greenhouse

Wireworms: Corn, eastern field, false, Gulf, Oregon, Pacific Coast, potato, southern potato, sugarbeet, tobacco, wheat

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