Pests Feeding on Ears or Silk

Armyworms and cutworms: Corn earworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm Borers: European, southwestern corn Earwigs: European Flies: Cornsilk

Leaf beetles: Northern and western corn rootworm;

spotted and banded cucumber Other beetles: Dusky and fourspotted sap Scarab beetles: Green June, Japanese

Other Pests Occasionally Found on Corn

Ant: Red imported fire Aphids: Bean, green peach, potato Armyworms and cutworms: Army, bertha, bronzed, glassy, and pale western cutworm; beet, sweet potato, velvet, yellowstriped, and western yellowstriped army-worm; zebra caterpillar Blister beetles: Black, striped Crickets: Mormon Flies: European crane Leaf beetles: Grape colaspis Leafhoppers: Aster and western potato leafhopper Loopers: Soybean

Other caterpillars: Banded and yellow woollybear; salt-

marsh Millipedes: Garden Plant bugs: Tarnished Scarab beetles: Asiatic, carrot, Chinese rose Symphylans: Garden

Stink bugs: Brown, green, onespotted, southern green Slugs

Thrips: Bean, tobacco Webworms: Alfalfa, beet, garden Weevils: Whitefringed beetle

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