Pests Feeding Externally on Leaves or Stems

Pests with Chewing Mouthparts

Armyworms and cutworms: Armyworm, beet, yellowstriped and western yellowstriped army-worm; corn earworm; zebra caterpillar; black, granulate, and variegated cutworm Flea Beetles: Palestriped

Grasshoppers: American, differential, eastern lubber, migratory, redlegged, twostriped Loopers: Alfalfa, cabbage, celery Other caterpillars: Saltmarsh Slugs Snails

Pests with Piercing-Sucking Mouthparts Aphids: Green peach, lettuce, potato Leafhoppers: Aster, potato, western potato Plant bugs: Garden fleahopper; tarnished, western tarnished, and pale legume Thrips: Western flower

Whiteflies: Greenhouse, silverleaf, sweetpotato

Other Pests Occasionally Found on Lettuce and Related Crops

Aphids: Bean, cowpea, foxglove

Armyworms and cutworms: Bertha armyworm; clover, dingy, glassy, redbacked, and spotted cutworm; tobacco budworm

Crickets: Fall, spring, and southeastern field; short-

winged, southern, and tawny mole; Mormon Earwigs: European, redlegged

Flea beetles: Palestriped, potato, redheaded, smartweed, tuber, western black, western potato Flies: European crane Leaf beetles: Banded and spotted cucumber Loopers: Bilobed, soybean Maggots: Seedcorn Millipedes: Garden Other bugs: False chinch Other caterpillars: Whitelined sphinx Pillbug: Common Springtail: Garden Stink bugs: Harlequin, Say Thrips: Bean, melon and western flower Webworm: Alfalfa, beet, garden; celery and false celery leaftier Weevils: Vegetable

Wireworms: Corn, eastern field, false, Great Basin, Oregon, Pacific Coast, sugarbeet

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