Armyworms and cutworms Beet armyworm Other caterpillars Saltmarsh

Pests with Piercing-Sucking Mouthparts Thrips: Onion, tobacco, western flower

Other Pests Occasionally Found on Onion and Related Plants

Aphid: Bean

Armyworms and cutworms: Armyworm, fall, yellow-striped, and western yellowstriped armyworm; army, black, clover, darksided, dingy, granulate, pale western, redbacked, spotted, and variegated cutworm Blister beetles: Black, immaculate Borers: Potato stem

Crickets: Shortwinged, southern and tawny mole; Mormon

Flea beetles: Palestriped

Grasshoppers: Differential, eastern lubber, migratory, twostriped Leaf beetles: Banded cucumber Loopers: Alfalfa Maggots: Bean seed

Plant bugs: Pale legume, tarnished, western tarnished,

Scarab beetles: Asiatic garden, oriental, white grubs

Springtails: Garden

Stink bugs: Onespotted

Symphylans: Garden

Thrips: Bean, melon,

Webworms: Alfalfa, beet, garden

Weevils: Vegetable

Wireworms: Eastern field, false, Great Basin

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