Vertical containers

One of the most innovative developments of recent years is vertical vegetable gardening. This adds a new concept to balcony or patio gardening—height Now you can plant gardens that climb up the walls for as high you can plant and harvest Following are some of the variations on this basic theme:-

Vegetable trees: You can build one of these without a great deal of hassle. For backing, use 2 x 12-inch board of any length (six to eight feet is most common). Cut standard chicken wire into two-foot widths that are as long as the board you're using. (See Figure 6.07.) Mail the wire lengthwise to each side of the board. Cut a semicircular board to fit at the base of the wire, and secure it in place. Line the wire and the boards with black plastic. Fill with soil, and you're ready for planting.

When using a vegetable tree, it's possible to garden in combination—that is, tomatoes at the base, topped by cucumbers, then lettuce, then carrots, with radishes at the top. You can use a number of these containers, placed along a wall or at the edge of a patio or balcony.

Figure 10-06

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