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Raised bed gardening is becoming more and more popular today. The raised soil is framed with stone walls, bricks, logs, adobe, railroad ties, redwood boards or something similar. Raised beds solve a number of gardening problems, especially those associated with backyard gardens. For instance, they:-

  • Allow you to mix a light right soil on top of the ground that is perfect for root crops. This solves the problem of hard, infertile soil.
  • Warm up the soil in the beds before the soil in the surrounding ground warms up. This allows you to plant earlier in the spring. Covered with clear plastic, a raised bed also becomes a coldframe to protect tender plants.
  • Drain better than other types of gardens. The soil in raised beds never becomes too wet or too soggy.
  • Allow the soil in the bed to be cultivated with kitchen utensils instead of standard garden tools.
  • Eliminate the gopher problem when 1/2-inch mesh wire is place across the underneath of the bed.
  • Make clear, workable gardens. The entire surface of a small raised bed can be reached from the garden paths.
  • Make neat, uniform, attractive gardens that are more aesthetically pleasing than many other types of garden.

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