Timing Your Indoor Planting

If you put your seeds in containers too early, the plants may grow too large for their containers. As they sit inside waiting for the proper time to be transplanted, they may grow weak. If, on the other hand, you plant too late, your seeds will not be mature enough to cope with the move out-of-doors. So you've got to know what you're doing—timing is everything.

The two most important factors in the indoor-planting equation are the climate of your area and the time your seeds need for germination, leaf development and growth. You should be able to get this latter information from individual seed packets. (For a general idea about early and late varieties of various vegetables refer in this book to Chapter 13.)

Take onions as an example. If your seeds take eight weeks to become mature enough for transplanting, and if the middle of May is the proper time in your area to set out onions, then start them indoors in the middle of March.

Seed Starter Kit

Several companies now offer vegetable and herb starter kits. Each kit contains everything size. Most can be purchased at your garden center.

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