The Uses Of Power Tools

In the right places and at the right times, power tools can be invaluable to the home gardener. With a power rototiller, for instance, you can break up and pulverize large quantities of soil with relative ease. Cultivation becomes much less back-breaking, and you can even furrow a hill! With a garden tractor you can haul large amounts of material around the garden and with the proper attachments you can disc-plow, cultivate, grind, compost, plant and make light work of many other garden chores. With the proper power tools a gardener can effectively manage a vegetable planting three or four times the size that can be handled by a gardener working only with hand tools. Even at times when gasoline and other sources of power are expensive or in short supply, it is still worthwhile considering the purchase of the right kind of power tools. If you've got a good-sized plot of land, the amount of your own energy that these tools can conserve is far more than the relatively small amounts of oil they'll burn up. There is probably no more controversial decision in gardening, however, than whether to use power tools or not; so, after weighing the pros and cons and considering what's best for your garden, you'll have to make up your own mind.

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