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Black Sooty Mold Spores 400x

Figure 7.11

Automatic water controller

Set your own schedule 1 to 14 days ahead with as many as 8 variable length-cycles per day. The keyboard displays the day and exact start times. You key in your program. Fits any existing hoses. RAINMATICCORP 1227 S. 22 St. Omaha, NB 68103

Figure 8.01

Fungal damage

1 Sooty molds and smuts. Sooty mold shows up as unsightly superficial dark brown or black blotches. It causes little damage. Smuts produce brown to black sooty-looking spore metsses inside swollen white blisters.

2 Rusts. Rusts appear as bright yellow, orange, red, reddish-brown or black powder pustulates (blisters) on the underside of leaves.

3 Mildews. Powdery mildew appears as superficial white to light grayish patches on the upper surfaces of leaves and buds. Downy mildews produce pale green or yellow areas on the upper leaf surface with light gray or purplish patches below.

4 Rots. Plants with root rot lose vigor, the leaves become pale. The rot area in fruits and leaves may be mushy and spongy.

5 Cankers. Dead areas on stem. They are oval or irregular, sunken or swollen. Some completely girdle the stem.

6 Fungal leaf sports. The center of the spots may fall out. They may also enlarge to form big blotches.

7 Wilts. Fungal wilt (fusarium and verticillium) invades and plugs up the water- and food-conducting vessels inside the plants. Wilting starts at the base and proceeds upward.

Wilting Plants

Figure 8.02

Bacterial disease

A plant is diseased when it doesn't develop normally because it is being attacked by some living organism. A typical leaf or stem infection has the following appearance: a sunken, brown center, bordered by a tan or yellow area surrounded by a pale yellow border.

Often you can tell what's wrong with your plants by looking at the leaves. These examples illustrate the typical 'look' for each type of diseaset-

  1. Bacterial spots. Bacterial spots may start as dark green spots or streaks on leaves and stems, later turn gray, brown and ooze a gelatinous fluid. The spots may drop out.
  2. Soft bacterial rots. The infected area is generally bordered by a lighter yellow or tan area. Advanced infection causes large dark areas on the fruit.
  3. Bacterial wilts. Bacteria invade and plug up water-conducting tubes. The stem will ooze a gelatinous fluid if you slice the stem.
Vegetable Garden Rotatillers

Figure 8.03 Viruses l/iruses are often identified by what they do. They frequently show up as (a) mottling (b) distortion of the leaves, flowers and fruit and (c) dwarfing.

Figure 8.03 Viruses l/iruses are often identified by what they do. They frequently show up as (a) mottling (b) distortion of the leaves, flowers and fruit and (c) dwarfing.

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