Spacing Vegetables In A Container


Space 6etween Each Plant


Plant singly.


3-9 inches.


2-3 inches.


10 inches (5 gal. soil per plant).

Brussels sprouts

10 inches (S gal. soil per plant).


1-2 inches.


12 inches (5 gal. soil per plant).


15 inches (5 gal. soil per plant).


Thin to 16 inches apart.


4-10 inches.


15 inches 15 gal. soil per plant).

Mustard greens

Thin to 4 inches apart.


20 inches (5-10 gall, soil per plant).


2 inches.


8 inches [2Vi gal. soil per plant).


6 inches


1 inch.


12 inches (5 gal. soil per plant).


Thin to 5 inches.


12-20 inches (5 gal. of soil per plant).


Vj inch (5 gal. soil per plant).


3 inches.

Figure 10.05 Bushel basket containers fining cucumbers love the warm, well-drained conditions provided by targe containers such as bushel baskets, half barrets and 7-gallon tubs. Containers should be filled with artificial soil purchased ready-made or Sourcebook Vegetable potting soiL

prtoto credit: national Garden tiureau.

Another popular and attractive container is the half whiskey barrel. By law, barrels used for making whiskey must be discarded after just one distilling. Many nurseries sell used whiskey barrel halves for use as planters. The size of these containers is one of their principal assets—being roughly 22 inches across, they hold enough soil to support good vegetable growth. A single barrel half can hold seven to eight corn plants, two or three zucchini plants and two or three tomato plants. Some gardeners even intercrop their barrel halves—that is, they plant a low, quick-maturing crop right along with a larger, slow-maturing vegetable. Thus, corn may be planted with spinach, radishes and green onions, tomatoes may be planted with radishes, green onions and lettuce. There's no crowding out of one by the other because you pick the faster-growing vegetables before the slower-growing ones become very large.

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