Hanging Pots

To prepare a 10- or 12-inch plastic hanging pot for planting, make four or five lVi-inch holes in the side of the pot (about halfway down) by drilling. Also punch small drain holes near the bottom of the pot Enlarge the upper holes by melting them with a soldering iron. Cut a 5-inch square of black plastic and slip it around the stems of the plants. Tuck the plastic and the plants through the holes, now fill the basket with soil mix, and add the remaining plants at the top.

Start all your vegetables in peat pots and then transfer them directly into the container when they are several inches high. To start the leaf and root vegetables, poke your fingers through the moss and push the plants through from the outside. Place about fifteen plants where you want them around the basket in the moss, so that the crown of each is about at the same level as the outside of the basket Till with soil and plant across the top of the container on the required spacing for each vegetable. This places vegetables around the outside and also across the top of the container.

Figure 10.12

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How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes

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