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Scratch twelve gardeners and you'll find a dozen different opinions on which tools to use for a particular job. What's more, try selecting even something as simple as a garden shovel, and you'll be faced with hundreds of choices.

As a result, many gardeners, even experienced ones, wind up with a shedful of tools they never really use. These implements look good in the store, but when you get them out in the garden, they turn out to be worth very little indeed. Fortunately, with a little planning, some luck and the help of this chapter, you should be able to avoid wasting valuable cash and even more valuable storage space.

Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

By gardening organically, the dependence on chemicals is removed. By eliminating chemicals used in regular gardening, your vegetables will be healthier because they will get the nutrients by natural means. Unlike traditional gardening; organic gardening will help to prevent potentially harmful toxins from entering your body. Lastly, it is much more environmentally friendly.

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