Greenhouse Accessories And Sources

Tiberian Growdome System

Build Your Own Greenhouse

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Ventilation Cooling

Shading panels


Mist, trickle, overhead systems


Shelves, Storage Etc.

Fan-type wall heaters

Automatic exhaust fan



Shelf units Shelf brackets

Arvin/Titan electric, hot-water, & gas heaters

Electric heater systems, J, soil cables

Electric, gas, hot-water heaters, heating systems, soil cables

Electric 5 KW heaters—electric, gas, kerosene, oil, hot water

Several kinds of heaters—electric, gas, kerosene, oil, hot water

Titan heaters, ground cables

Coolers, humidifiers, shutters, exhaust fans

Fans, shuters, coolers, humidifier systems, $150 to S300

Fans, vents, automatic humidifier

Exhaust fans

Several types

Automatic watering/ misting nozzles

Shades, plastic, films, Misting/ shading powder, watering sys-automatic venting tems

Ventilator fans


Several kinds

Thermometers, humidity meter, temperature alarms, others



Thermometer, others Several kinds of shelves/ benches

Several kinds




126-p. catalog of all Several types Several types Several types Several types kinds of greenhouse parts and accessories; fiberglass accessories available

Janco - fan jet envir- Manual and auto-onmental-control matic system—heatirg, cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying

Titan 220 V heater Vent opener S62

Electric & gas heaters-15,000 to 310,000 BTU's, heat cables, soil thermostat

Evaporative coolers, fog humidifiers, automatic vent openers, fans, shutters

Bench misting and other types


Water valves

Thermometers, humidty indicators


Maximum-minimum thermometer, other


Aluminum benches $60 to $100


Four season system with hydro/environmental control $900; individual components available

Automatic exhaust, evaporate cooler



Ventilation Cooling



Shelves, Storage Etc.

Peter Reimuller 980 17th Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Electric heaters, $29 to $70,1200 cu. ft. kerosene heater, $65; has greenhouse accessories packages which include heater, fan, thermometer, shutters— $69 to $105

Exhaust fan inlet shutters, humidifier


Maximum-minimum thermometer, humidity meter


Santa Barbara Greenhouses 390 Dawson Dr. Camarillo, CA 93010

Electric, $30

Automatic airflow shutters, shutter-mounted exhaust fans

Watering nozzles


Redwood benches

Shelter Dynamics P.O. Box 616 Round Rock, TX 78664


Exhaust fan, cooler/ humidifier, shading, roof panels



Cedar benches

Sun America Corp. P.O. Box 125 Houston, TX 77001

Louver window autovent

Rain barrel

Shelves, benches

Sunglo Greenhouses 4441 26th Ave. West Seattle, WA 98199

Elec./gas, $26 to $165

Automatic wall shutters, blowers, shutter-mounted exhaust fan

Watermatic garden kit

Thermometers, light meters

Vinyl-coated ventilated shelving

Texas Greenhouse Co. 2717 St. Louis Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76110

Electric, gas, $21 to $800

Evaporate coolers, fans, shutters

Water kits, other

Complete line

Benches, fiberglass, panels, hardware

Turner Greehouses Hwy. 117 S. Goldsboro, NC 27530

Electric, gas, soil cables

Automatic fan, ventilating systems

Watering and misting equipment, timers

Thermometers, etc.

Slat benches, asbestos-cement growing benches

Vegetable Factory 100 Court St. Copiague, NY 11726

Electric, $35 to $95, soil cables

Cooling & venting system, square


Maximum-minimum thermometer, hygrometer

Vegetables in

MILLIONS OF ENTHUSIASTIC GARDENERS are growing a rich array of vegetables for their dinner tables, even though they have little or no tillable ground. Container gardens can be planted indoors or out on small suburban patios and on the balconies of high-rise city homes, bringing a sense of the land to even the most confined space.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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