Companion Planting

Many gardeners have come to the conclusion that some plants attract insects, others repel them. And for this reason some types of plants do especially well in combination with certain other types. For instance, nasturtiums often attract aphids. If your melons, say, have been bothered by aphids in past years, nasturtiums planted right next to the melon plot might attract all the aphids away from the melons. On the other hand, garlic repels aphids; planted next to a melon patch it might just be able to keep all the aphids away. The results of companion planting are unscientific and depend on trial and error, but enough people have enjoyed success with it to make it worthwhile trying. Here are some additional beneficial plants:-

  • Leeks repel carrot flies.
  • Marigolds repel nematodes, bean beetles, Japanese beetles.
  • Radishes repel striped cucumber beetles.
  • Rosemary repels Mexican bean beatles.
  • Sage repels cabbage worm butterflies.
  • Tansy repels several different kinds of beetles.
  • Thyme repels cabbage worm.

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