Approximate Distribution Of Colors In Fluorescent Lamps Used For Plant Growth


Duro-Lite Lamps Inc. Lighting Div.

Duro-Twist Corp. 17-10 Willow St. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

General Electric Lamp Manufacturing Div. Nela Park Cleveland, OH 44112

Type of Lamp

Vita Lite


Gro and Sho Plant Light

Bright Stik-Gro and Sho

Power Groove Fluorescent lamps


Blue Remarks

Provides full-spectrum light for vegetative growth; useful for starting all vegetables

29% Full spectrum bulb will grow all vegeta bles. Grows tomatoes to fruit.

Produces a balance of red and blue light; useful for starting seeds

Provides a balance of red and blue light; Can be plugged in for light in bookcases, cabinets and shelves. Comes in cool white daylight, warm white deluxe; high output

Sylvania Light Center

Gro Lux Regular

Gro Lux Wide Spectrum

Westinghouse Electric Corp. Agro-lite Fluorescent & Vapor

Lamp Div. Bloomfield, NJ 07003


Warm White

Cool White Natural White

43% 18% 38% Developed for growing plants and flow ers indoors; the output is almost entirely in the red and blue ends of the spectrum, designed for the propagation of low energy plants.

38% 32% 30% Supplies more light in red than in the blue spectrum; excellent for starting seeds, promotes rapid vegatative growth.

A special phosphor which provides light rich in red while still providing considerable blue light; makes plants grow faster.

48% 40% Deficient in the red end of the spec trum, should be used in combination with Gro-Lux, Gro Lux Wide Spectrum or Agro-Lite

55% 20% The bulb provides more light in the red end of the spectrum; use in combination with Cool White

52% 30% The most comon fluourescent, deficient in red light; use with Warm White 40% 34% A more balanced bulb; Can be used alone or mixed with Cool White.

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