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The Ultimate Daffodil Mixture

Deer-Proof Spring Beauty

These bulbs come from the collection of a pre-eminent breeder who accumulated more than 2,500 Daffodil varieties, creating a superb mixture, which we call "A Golden Legacy." It offers an astonishing range of colors and forms of this favorite spring flower. Daffodils (properly Narcissus) are hardy, long-lived, immune to pests and disease, distasteful to deer. Given a sunny, well-drained spot, this glorious, long-blooming mixture will provide a legacy to your children as well.

To order, please visit our Web site or call 1-800-503-9624 and request A Golden Legacy, S984304, which is priced al 100 bulbs for $69, plus delivery until July 1, higher thereafter. To assist us, please mention Source Code 61056. Your bulbs, with detailed instructions for planting and care, will be delivered at the right time for fall planting.

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We ship four varieties of live moss


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Reflected Glory

Atlanta garden designer Ryan Gainey drew on Moorish tradition for this formal walled courtyard, known as the Mogul garden, in the Hamptons.The high brick walls give some shelter from salt winds, and the brick path, foreground, bisects a canal— home to lotus, papyrus and fish.Yews are clipped into spires to resemble the Italian cypress more typical of such warm-climate gardens. Flanking the canal are neatly pruned 'Meyer' lemon trees in large pots. On the wall behind the fountain is a mirror, a glimpse of paradise.—jf

■ From Seascape Gardening, by Anne Halpin, photo- g graphs by Roger Foley (Storey £ Publishing, May 2006, $35). I

MAY 2006

Paradise hath room for you and me and all—c hristina rossetti


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