Recycling And Planting

The chorus line of color and foliage includes some return appearances—from greenhouse specimens and dormant plants. Many have a regular spot in the garden and are simply moved into place.

  • Sleeping Beauties: Tender plants that go dormant include brugmansias and cannas (top left), just out of storage in the cellar. ■ Greenhouse Stars: Some hard-to-find specimens spend winter in the greenhouse, including a prickly pachypodi-um (above, lower right) and cactus (left).
  • Dig for Victory: The hard work lasts all weekend. Hardie (top right), spaces out fluorescent Ti plants alongside a path. ■ Effort Rewarded: Planting the borders with standard 24-packs of impatiens or coleus takes a day or two, but the effort is rewarded by a summer of low-maintenance color. Hartlage plants on 10-inch centers, and the plants fill out in about three weeks.
  • At a Pinch: Hartlage recommends, when planting coleus, that you pinch out the tips to encourage bushiness.
  • Follow-Up: Hartlage follows the planting team with the watering wand (above, lower left), checking that pots and borders are saturated. Granular Osmocote fertilizer is added to pots at planting, and all plants are fed biweekly with a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer.

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