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7250 Landscaping Designs

7250 Landscaping Designs

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Though less cold-hardy than many macrophyllas, the profusion of saturated rose-pink mopheads of 'Maréchal Foch' makes it a favorite as an indoor plant in cooler regions.

[2] H. QUERCIFOLIA 'SNOWFLAKE' Handsome oaklike foliage and attractively peeling silvery brown bark are reasons enough to plant any quercifolia, but this selection also features foot-long, pyramidal, drooping heads of sterile flowers that look like stacked stars. Expect it to reach 8 feet tall and nearly as wide.

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hands and melting like a snowjlake—FRAN CIS BACON


Bunga Irnn CisGray Wall Natural Wood

designing with hydrangeas ■ White-flowered selections create the illusion of snowballs in summer, especially on plants grown in partial shade. ■ Mass pink and blue types with similarly colored garden phlox (Phlox paniculata selections) and lilies for a visual confection of candy colors. ■ Blue selections look like sapphires against a gray wall or set alongside a slate patio. ■ Macrophylla selections make imposing container plants—feature a pair in big lead-colored urns—and paniculata selections can be maintained as good-sized "trees" in large terra-cotta pots. Remember hydrangeas in containers will need extra watering. ■ Quercifolias are the boldest and have the coarsest texture of the lot, lending visual strength to shrub borders and woodland plantings.

Tropical Plants Wall Gardens

MAY 2006

'Tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes—W illiam WORDSWORTH

Images Plants Pair Container

Great gardens like this depend on the healthy soil conditioner developed by landscape professionals... John & Bob.

  • One small bag of John & Bob's Soil Optimizer treats an entire garden
  • Enhances root development and plant growth
  • Increases water retention and promotes aeration
  • Helps leach out alkali and will not burn your plants
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Cost effective- treat 2,000 sq. ft. with 6 lb. bag
  • Listed by Organic Materials Review Institute ^^nt^ at:

for use in organic production

Distributed on the West Coast by Excel Garden Products. Contact us via our website for national and regional distribution opportunities.

&Bob's Optimizer

Melaleuca Nesophila

Anytime is summertime with our functional and elegant fire pits. Invite a few close friends or family and bask in the warmth and glow of a cozy campfire. Select from a wide variety of stone or mosaic tops to match your style.

Fine Handcrafted Furniture

800-776-9533 1822 East Francis Street, Ontario, Ca 91761 Chicago Showroom / 1786 The Merchandise Mart / 312-467-9788

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tive ideas in exterior decorating

California Indica Outdoor

Luxurious, casual outdoor living, combined with wild, rugged plants, makes this coastal retreat a California dream

When Paul Junger Witt and Susan Harriswantto get away,they skip the airport hassles and jet lag. Instead,Witt, a film and TV producer, and Harris, aTV writer/producer, motor up the California coast from their home in Brentwood and, in just over an hour, are comfortably ensconced at their seaside retreat on Rincon Point just outside Carpinteria. "We love to be here without the phone ringing. It feels much farther away from L.A. than 76 miles," says Witt, who produced the movies Insomnia, Three Kings and Dead Poets Society.The couple's stylishly understated weekend escape began as one house over 20 years

By the deep Sea, and music in its roar I love not Man the less, but Nature more—lo rd byron



Eric Nagelmann

ago. Back then, they hired Santa Barbara-based Eric Nagelmann to design a "wild, natural and unrestrained" garden to blend with the rugged, windswept site. "We wanted it to look like he hadn't been here, like it just grew," says Harris, whose sitcom credits include Soap, Benson and The Golden Girls.

Then, in the early '90s, the couple bought the house next door, razed it and built a guesthouse. "With five children and two grandchildren, we needed more room,"Witt says. Afterward, Nagelmann knit the two lots together and softened the architecture using lavish masses of hardy rugosa roses, grasses and sedges such as Ravenna grass and Carex pansa, westringia, lavender and lan-

tana.The result is a dreamy oceanfront paradise worthy of a five-star resort. function: Witt and Harris visit their weekend getaway throughout the year to indulge their passions for reading, long walks, playing charades and lingering over casual meals of salad and grilled fish. "We have a blended family, so the garden is full of happy memories of when the kids have all gotten together," Harris says. form: "Paul and Susan wanted a full view of the beach, but they wanted privacy, too," Nagelmann says. He removed a fence that once separated his clients' beach house

Shady Courtyards
Top:The shady entry courtyard is filled with hydrangeas and Impatiens balfourii. Right:A removable canopy blocks the sun's glare in summer, the outdoor fireplace warms the patio in winter.

MAY 2006

Alone I walked on the ocean strand, a pearly shell was in my hand—H ANNAH FLAGG GOULD

Pearly Shells Guest House

decor and wood deck from the neighboring property, now the guest quarters with a pergola shading a cozy fireplace and spacious Cantera stone patio. He built a massive seawall out of basalt boulders, which added 8 feet to the garden, and finished it with a wrought-iron gate based on an original at the Casa del Herrero estate in nearby Montecito. style: Exposure to the seashore's extreme heat and cold, drying winds and corrosive salt spray made decorating with sturdy furniture and plants a must. "The garden is kind of glamorous without being too 'done,'" Nagelmann says. "There's a practicality to it because things have to stand up to the harsh elements." plants: Harris asked for pink and purple blooms, but since she and Nagelmann were on the same

Right:AWeatherend bench sits on a carpet of zoysia atop the new seawall—an ideal spot for watching the sun set. Opposite:A small patio between the two lots gets both sun and shade next to an Australian tea tree.

page, the couple otherwise gave him free rein. "What's so unusual about this garden is how unplanned it was.There were never any drawings; it just evolved,"

she says. In the entry courtyard, hydrangeas, Impatiens balfourii and nemesia clamber around clipped boxwood and potted junipers, while 'Checkerboard' fuchsia, bougainvillea and podranea spill over a pergola. Along the beach, Carexglauca and

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WCherry Dazzle"" Crapemyrtle

Hydrangea Drawings Borders

Varieties JftnrrLleft to right): Cherry Dazzle™, Dazzle™ Me Pink, Raspberry Dazzle™, Ruby Dazzlem and.Snow Oazzte"1.— — —.

new plants for 2006


Dwarf Crapemyrtle Series

Fill small spaces with the Gardener's Confidence™ Collection series of dwarf crapemyrtles. The Razzle Dazzle™ Crapemyrtles are easy to grow and sun loving. Their exceptional color and dwarf habit will make them excellent additions to the garden, adding blooms from summer to fall! Use for mass plantings, borders, or as a focal point in a container.

Available now at garden centers and home stores. Visit our website to find a garden center near you, as well as pictures, plant care and more!

WCherry Dazzle"" Crapemyrtle

Varieties JftnrrLleft to right): Cherry Dazzle™, Dazzle™ Me Pink, Raspberry Dazzle™, Ruby Dazzlem and.Snow Oazzte"1.— — —.



A garden you can count on

Ravenna grass sprout from the sand, westringia buffers the deck, and small Australian tea trees (Leptospermum laevigatum) hide the pergola supports. Side hedges of Melaleuca nesophila and Pittosporum crassi-jolium screen out neighbors, and thorny 'Mermaid' roses discourage trespassers. furnishings: The pergola's gossamer polyester canopy shelters a faux-stone dining table lit by a crystal chandelier, McGuire rattan seating and an antique Indian bed upholstered in fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric. The deck featuresWeatherend teak chaises and tables, Santa Barbara Umbrella umbrellas and washable white terry-cloth slipcovers. A small patio tucked beneath an existing Australian tea tree recycles a wicker sofa and armchairs found in storage. Whether old or new, almost everything has taken on a weathered patina the owners adore. "We had some wood furniture re-finished, but it turned out reddish-brown," Witt says. "We had to wait two years for it to turn silver again."

bonus: Like the surfers who flock to catch Rincon Point's spectacular swells,Witt and Harris relish winters at the beach almost more than summers. "Days are shorter, but the light is golden, the surf is huge and the beach is empty,"Witt says. "We love being here when it's cold in the afternoon and we can start a fire at dusk."—emily young

■ For more information contact Eric Nagelmann: 805-966-3928,fax 805-963-2306

or e-mail [email protected].

■ For more information contact Eric Nagelmann: 805-966-3928,fax 805-963-2306

or e-mail [email protected].

Crape Myrtle Dazzle

by donna

[1] sofie water feature:

Resistant to extreme temperature, sun and corrosion and available in a range of colors, this handsome concrete fountain is ideal for any setting. Comes with a preassembled underwater pump and simply requires a standard electric source. Underwater lights optional. From Studio Four Los Angeles: available in custom sizes, starting at $1,350. Call 818-343-1600 or see [2] stainless-steel glazing ball fountain: Use this contemporary water sculpture to add tranquility indoors or out. Includes UL-approved pump and submersible light. From Unique Arts: $129 to $149. Call 800-928-3738 or see

Fountains of Life

Contemporary water features for a modern garden

Contemporary Water Features Outdoor

by donna

Tropical Garden Fountain

Flowing onto stone, gurglingthrough runnels, overflowing from fountains, cascading in falls, water ushers meaning, movement, sound and tranquility into the garden, just as the means by which it is introduced—be it fountain, basin, pond or bog—adds a decorative element into the overall composition.

But how to successfully bring water into the garden has often been the question.Today, with water-garden nurseries and garden-ornament shops more present in the marketplace than ever before, much of the expense and maintenance traditionally associated with water features have disappeared. in turn, craftsmen have begun to evolve a new vocabulary for the design of water features that addresses the innovative aspects of landscape design. Here are a handful of man-made, easy-to-install options in new materials from stainless steel to concrete that have begun to redefine the ancient repertoire.

[3] asian falls: Standing just over 4 feet tall, this fountain features a cascade of rippling water over beautiful, natural slate. Nestle the piece in a garden or use it as the focal point on a terrace.Available with recirculating pump, halogen lighting and decorative rocks. From Beckett Corporation: $269. Call 888-BECKETT or see www.888beckett. com.

MAY 2006

For fountains, they are a great beauty and refreshment—fran c i s bacon


Experience our beautifully crafted collection of quality outdoor furniture to suit every occasion.



To receive a brochure and details of your nearest retailer call toll-free on 866 423 8325 or visit

Closter Furniture Inc. 1057 Bill Tuck Hwy, Ste 201, PO Box 738, South Boston, VA 24592, USA Tel. 434 575 1003 Fax. 434 575 1503 E-mail, [email protected]

888beckett Fountain
  • 4] vaso a campana fountain: Converted from a terra-cotta pot designed by the renowned Italian craftsman Francesco Del Re, this fountain is fitted with a hidden pump beneath a bed of stones at its base and over its inner liner, creating an unusual, naturalistic effect. From Eye of the Day Garden Design Center: fountain: $2,755; pot without pump and liner: $2,209. Call 805-566-0778 or see
  • 5] arcadian ball fountain: Made from a unique waterproof, frostproof cast-stone mix, this timeless design is perfect for the contemporary garden.Available in Coade yellow, Portland gray, slate, terra-cotta and creamy Bath. From Haddonstone: ball fountain, $343; pebble ball fountain and bowl kit,
  • 504. Call 856-931-7011 or see
  • 6] ceramic water feature:

Water only enhances the subtle lines and color of this handcrafted, hand-drawn stoneware piece inspired by natural forms and ammonite fossils. Frostproof, hollow, light and easy to carry. From Katrina Trinick Ceramics: small, $148; large, $340 to $385. Call 011 44 1208 831716 or see

[7] polished millstone fountain: Inspired by the traditional millstone, this contemporary handmade fountain of polished black granite doubles as a contemporary water sculpture. Installation kits available. From Stone Forest: $1,500. Call 888-682-2987 or see

MAY 2006

I may not hope from outward forms to win the passion and the life, whose fountains are within-

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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