Hristian Nevell Bovee

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sage advice


Big impact is the raison d'etre of the tropical look. Hartlage takes a three-pronged approach to achieve this:Tropical plants (of course), bold foliage and forms, and shots of saturated color. ■ Block Style: Rather than planting in a complicated cottage style, concentrate colorful annuals like impatiens in geometric blocks for a strong contrast with the fine-textured background. ■ Foliage Form: Taro, elephant's ears, the occasional banana and caladiums—great foliage plants with strikingly large, architectural leaves—make a great contrast in an otherwise suburban garden. ■ Spike It Up: Prickly or strap-leaved plants are good focal points. New Zealand flax, bromeliads and agaves are drawn from different habitats, but they have the right exotic look, as do many common houseplants, such as spider plant, dracaena and bird's nest fern.

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