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Animals are an essential part of our happiness on this planet. By including an animal from each of the 7 continents, I've represented the entire world and our need for interaction and cooperation. Just as in my human version, "Circle of Peace", "Circle of Friends" represents respect for each other's uniqueness. Combined with understanding, any gap or indifferences can be bridged.

The circle represents the world coming together, "paws" clasped in friendship and unity. This sculpture is not just visual, it's also about interaction and that's when relationships begin. As children of all ages notice the gap they'll be prompted to complete the circle of life. I've left a space in the circle for you to join us, I invite your participation!

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a how-to guide for growing and outdoor living hort q & a with jack ruttle


QQ What plants can I use to create a French-style country garden?-catherine takper, encinitas, ca

A You see many garden styles around country homes in France, from classical to cottage and from modern abstract to naturalistic, but I think I know the style you are envisioning—casual but organized, seemingly carefree, always interesting.Your mild climate is well-suited for this.

Actually, France provides better planting models for most American gardens than England because the French climates are more like ours. Summers in parts of France are often dry and warm, sometimes even arid and broiling hot. And Provence, with its Mediterranean climate and frequent watering restrictions, holds many good planting ideas for coastal California areas such as yours.

There are some signature plants that play recurring roles in the country gardens of Provence. A low hedge of lavender along the drive or a walkway, plus a climbing rose trained on the wall near your doorway, might seem cliché, but they are endearing features around many French homes both large and small.

For taller hedges, follow the French lead with boxwood. Buxus sempervirens is native across southern France and grows freely in dry alkaline soil, along roadsides and among scrub oaks. Specimen boxwoods are often sheared into globes and other topiary shapes. Numerous hybrids and cultivars

A balanced yet informal design of boxwood, geranium, lamb's ears, sedge, rhododendron, Boston ivy and columnar Italian cypress has a very French flair.

hort q & a with jack ruttle


QQ What plants can I use to create a French-style country garden?-catherine takper,

Landscaping With Italian Cypress

are available that would be quite suitable in your area.

Another French touch would be columnar evergreens planted as sentinels or in rows to mark a property line or drive. Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) fits the bill but will eventually grow to 60 feet tall. For a similar look you could substitute one of the shorter columnar junipers, such as Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan' and J. scopulo-rum 'Gray Gleam' or 'Skyrocket'.

For summer shade, London plane trees (Platanus x hispanica) are widely used in France along drives and around patios, with the main branches pollarded—pruned back every winter to form short, permanent arms that support the new foliage. Popular smaller trees are the olive with its silvery leaves and yellow-flowered Acacia dealbata, which the French call mimosa.

For annual flower plantings, French gardeners have a bold way with color. Pure red, yellow, orange and blue don't scare them.They practically invented the sort of gardening that emphasizes bold tropical foliage and flowers (think cannas and bananas) melded into annual beds. In pots and window boxes, geraniums are still beloved.

A garden in southern France almost always includes a shady paved spot for dining outdoors. Grape vines trained on an over-

Imagination rules the world— napoleon bonaparte


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Italian Cypress Fence

sage advice

Italian Cypress Tropical Landscaping

Above:The shade of a grapevine creates a place to sit or dine. Opposite:Watering cans are hot collectibles; make sure they also function.

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your view.

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