Weed And Pest Control

You can control the weeds in your garden quite easily if you follow these guidelines. Mulching is most important for good weed control. A good thick mulch will suppress many weeds although some strong-growing species will push through the thickest mulch with comparative ease. These weeds should be pulled out by hand before seeding and should be added to the compost heap because most weeds contain valuable mineral nutrients. You should mulch not only in the vegetable garden but around fruit trees and in ornamental gardens as well.

Weeds in lawn areas can be killed easily by applying undiluted household ammonia. Simply drop a small amount (half a teaspoon) into the centre of each weed. Weeds can also be killed by applying undiluted urine! Weeds in the orchard can be controlled by mowing. Mow frequently in heavily infested areas. Property boundary areas and around ornamental gardens can be kept clear by using a small mower or brush cutter.

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Vegetable Gardening 101

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