Moon Planting

Simple moon planting guidelines

  1. The best time of the month to plant seeds of leafy plants such as lettuce, cabbage and silver beet is at new moon — the first quarter.
  2. Transplant seedlings and seeds of root vegetables (such as carrots) three to four days before the full moon.
  3. Fruit-bearing crops such as beans and peas are best planted a few days after the full moon.
  4. You should not pick fruit and vegetables for storage at full moon because of the excess moisture in the tissues of the plants.
  5. If it rains at full moon seeds could become too moist and eventually rot in the ground.
  6. The best time to weed is during the few days covering the new moon when the water content in the soil is low.
Growing Vegetables In Containers For Beginners

Growing Vegetables In Containers For Beginners

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