Growing Plants from Seed

Wherever possible, always select non-hybrid seed to grow. These plants will produce 'true to type' and you can save the seeds for the following season. Second generation seed grown with organic methods will also give better, healthier fruit and vegetables.

Hybrid seed is developed by the repeated crossing of two or more lines of parentage for larger and bigger crops. Seeds saved from hybrids are usually sterile. However, if they do germinate the plant may not resemble its mother plant in any way. Hybrids are also often specially bred for use with petro-chemical fertilisers and pesticides although some hybrid types respond quite well to organic growing techniques.

Many hardy plants can usually be started in beds in the garden. Corn, pumpkin, cucumbers, zucchini, carrot, beetroot, lettuce, beans and peas can be grown this way. More tender plants, slow growing plants and those which require a long time to germinate are usually planted in seed containers where they can be more closely monitored. Eggplant and capsicum are best started in containers.

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