This variety of avocado produces fruit of excellent quality and it matures in early winter. The fruit is pear-shaped with green skin which peels readily when mature. The tree is wide spreading and may reach a diameter of ten metres and a height of five metres over ten years. Fuerte is one of the most cold tolerant varieties of avocado and can withstand temperatures as low as -3° C for a few hours without serious damage. A disadvantage with this variety is that it does have a tendency towards biennial bearing.

Growing Fruit and Nut Trees in Tropical Climates


Hass avocado fruits mature in spring. They are excellent quality with creamy yellow flesh. The fruits are relatively small (only about 250 g) and have a thick pebbled skin which changes from green to dull purple at maturity. The tree is large and upright but not as cold hardy as Fuerte. It comes into cropping at an early age and crops regularly and heavily.


The pear-shaped fruit of the Sharwil avocado is green-skinned. The trees are upright, resembling those of Hass in shape and cold tolerance, but are less vigorous. Sharwil matures later than Fuerte.


The green-skinned fruit is large and has an excellent flavour. The tree is an upright grower with hanging branches which effectively protect the fruit from sunburn. The recommended tree spacing is about six metres by four metres. An advantage with Reed is that it begins cropping at an early age and will continue to produce good crops.

Tropical Climate

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