Fruit Fly Baits

Fruit fly can be controlled organically. Baits can include:

  • bran, sugar and hot water
  • orange peel in water
  • uegemite and water
  • uegemite, banana peel, urine and water
  • a banana peel in water
  • orange rind, human urine and water
  • molasses, flour and water or various combinations of the above (wet, sweet and yeasty).

You can make 'splash on' ba it with 50 g of sugar in one litre of water. Add 7 ml of concentrated pyrethrum or nicotine. Splash it on trees but don't spray it because the result will be too dilute to be effective. Apply the mixture two weeks before the known fruit fly dates in your district and then until two weeks after the last fruit has been harvested. Re-apply it at least every week because pyrethrum breaks down on contact with light and nicotine is only effective for a few days.

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