Fourteen day compost

You can make compost in 14 days, using the following method.

You'll need seven or eight wooden open bins. They can be built using old tin or boards but if they are made with slats and bolted together they can be moved to another position in the garden. Small sheets of tin can be placed at the front of the bins to keep the mixture in and the weather out.

  1. Spread cut grass on the ground (near the bins). Short lengths of grass are best (for example grass clippings).
  2. Sprinkle chicken, cow, or horse manure evenly on the grass. (Chicken manure is preferable).
  3. Water this well until it's like a squeezed out sponge.
  4. Mix it well and rake it into a heap.
  5. Place it into the first bin.
  6. Leave it for two days with a plastic sheet on top (weighed down with a block of wood).
  7. Fork it out on the second day, mix it, and put it into the second bin, making sure that the mixture is still quite moist. At this time make a new batch, and place it in the second bin.
  8. On the fourth day, follow the same procedure, placing the mixture in the third bin.
  9. Continue in this way until the first mixture has reached the seventh bin. By this time the compost should be cool to touch, sweet-smelling, and ready to use.

You can use this method of compost-making if you need compost quickly, or if you need a continuous supply.

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