Foliar fertiliser

An excellent foliar fertiliser is a combination of 75 percent fish emulsion and 25 percent seaweed extract. This combination supplies plants with all necessary trace minerals essential for strong growth and plant health. Foliar fertilisation also:

  • increases frost resistance
  • increases drought resistance
  • helps to control moulds and mildews
  • increases fruit set.

Totally healthy plants also have a greater resistance to pests and diseases. Apply this mixture to plant foliage after 4 pm unless it is a cloudy day. (Plants have small openings in their leaves, called stomata, which close up in bright sunlight to prevent moisture loss.) If a rainstorm is forecast, wait until it passes, or your good fertiliser could be washed away. Plants will absorb the necessary nutrients in about four hours. Apply it when your plants are half-grown, then again when they're flowering. Spray it on house plants (especially ferns) to improue their health and vigour. Give seedlings a good soaking or spray before planting them out — it will help to prevent transplant shock.

A friend who knew absolutely nothing about gardening was helping me in the garden for a day or two. I asked him to foliar fertilise my plants one afternoon. The next day he was quite amazed at the result. He just couldn't believe the difference. All the plants were so much greener. The silver beet leaves, in particular, had become crisp and strong.

Seaweed and fish emulsions are usually applied in a 50 to 1 combination with water. An easy way to measure these fertilisers is simply by the capful. Three capfuls of fish emulsion to one capful of seaweed.

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