Advantages and problems with compostmaking in tropical climates

In hotter areas, where the sun's rays are actually much stronger than in more temperate climates, it is important to establish the compost heap in the coolest, shadiest place possible. The heap must not be allowed to dry out, especially in hot weather. Plan to water the heap when you're watering the garden.

If your district is expecting extended heavy rain, cover the heap with a piece of heavy plastic because wet soggy compost will encourage anaerobic bacteria (tiny creatures which live without air) to breed. These organisms will tend to make the compost smelly and heavy, and normal decomposition will be incomplete.

Compost can be made in warmer climates in six to eight weeks. During the winter months it should be ready to use in ten to 12 weeks. Always cover the compost heap with a thick layer of mulch to keep it cool and moist.

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