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Is it possible to lower your cholesterol without harmful drugs? Thats the claim made by the e-book Beat Cholesterol in 30 Days by Scott Davis. Through this e-book you can learn the all-natural secrets that he used to lower his cholesterol 100 points in less than a month. This program reveals to people 10 foods that they can use to keep their heart strong, and 3 drinks that can lower their cholesterol levels. The program also provides people with 11 dieting tips to prevent a heart attack, and a collection of delicious and easy-to-make recipes to fight cholesterol. In addition, Scott Davis will provide people with an instruction book and some special gifts when they order this program. Like all the other Blue Heron Health News promoted health guides, the Beat Cholesterol in 30 Days guidebook will help you achieve better health using an all-natural method. Unlike most prescription drugs, this program ensures a risk-free solution to a reduced cholesterol level in a short span of time. This book will provide you with all there is to know about your silent killer enemy: cholesterol. More here...

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The Great Cholesterol Lie

Dr. Dwight Lundell's book reveals why inflammation causes heart disease and how the cholesterol lies and myths began forty years ago. What Will You Learn Inside The Great Cholesterol Lie? The most famous long-term study in heart research. and how it led to the most devastating mistake in health care! Why so many people who undergo bypass surgery are right back on that table ten years later. still not obese. still not smoking. and still with no elevated cholesterol. The essential response your body has to a foreign substance anywhere. and how it can turn against you, when it occurs in your arteries! How 41% of All deaths in America could be prevented easily, simply, and virtually cost-free! Why lowering your cholesterol intake is not helping lower your risk of heart attack. and may actually be doing you more harm! How a healthy heart is meant to function. and how you can keep it that way, simply and easily! How to recognize the signs of a heart attack and the best course of action to ensure you survive! More here...

The Great Cholesterol Lie Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Dr. Dwight Lundell
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Metabolic Engineering of Lipid Metabolism

Glycerol Phosphate Pathway Dgat

A plant cell contains a plethora of lipid species, which are mainly represented by free fatty acids, glycolipids, phospholipids, waxes and neutral glycerolipids. Vegetable oil for human consumption almost exclusively consists of triacylglycerols (TAGs), which are composed of three fatty acids esterified to glycerol. TAGs dominate the storage lipid pool in oilseeds from which most plant oils are isolated. There are five fatty acids that are commonly esterified to triglycerides in the predominant oilseed crops (Dyer et al. 2008 see also Chap. 21), namely palmitic acid (16 0), stearic acid (18 0), oleic acid (18 1A9), linoleic acid (18 2A9,12) and a-linolenic acid (18 3A9,12,15). In order to obtain plant oil with improved technological or nutritional value by metabolic engineering, either unusual fatty acids that are highly abundant in exotic non-crops or novel fatty acids are produced in oilseeds, which can be cultivated on a large scale in contrast to the species from which these...

Lower Your Cholesterol In Just 33 Days

Lower Your Cholesterol In Just 33 Days

Discover secrets, myths, truths, lies and strategies for dealing effectively with cholesterol, now and forever! Uncover techniques, remedies and alternative for lowering your cholesterol quickly and significantly in just ONE MONTH! Find insights into the screenings, meanings and numbers involved in lowering cholesterol and the implications, consideration it has for your lifestyle and future!

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