Transverse Section Of A Tree Trunk

xylem the Inside. In this way the stem is continually Increasing in thickness. Xylem. This is the wood, a complex tissue which forms the bulk of a branch or trunk. During each growing season a new ring of xylem Is added owing to the activity of the vascular cambium. The texture of the wood laid down in the spring differs from that formed in the late summer so that these increments of growth can be seen with the naked eye in a cross-section of the trunk. By counting these 'annual rings' a rough estimate of the age of the tree can be made.

Vertical rows of special empty cells present in the xylem constitute the vessels in which water is transported upwards in the stem,

Pith. Although present in the young stem this soon disappears.

vertical section of a lamina upper epidermis palisade mesophyll spongy mesophyll air space vub-stomatal chamber lower epidermis -—

Vertical Section Plant Stem

stoma vascular strand stoma vascular strand

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