3 Reason You May Need To Remove A Tree

So you might have a tree in your yard that looks good and provides shade and comfort, however there can be some very good reasons you might need to have it removed.

1) It’s dying or dead. If a tree is too old, sick, or infected with parasites then it may be the best option to have it removed. The worst thing that can happen here is that your tree finally dies and become dropping branches and even falling down on its own. This could be highly dangerous to anyone who happens to be standing nearby and could also damage your house.

2) The roots are too disruptive. The root systems on some trees and can stretch deep and wide which can results in cracked footpaths, driveways or house foundations, as well as sucking all the moisture and nutrients away from other trees and bushes and essentially starving and killing the rest of your garden.

3) It’s dropping excessive braches or leaves. Depending on the type of tree and where you’re located leaves and branches can be an issue. They can clog your drains, make your paths and driveway slippery, and generally make a mess of your garden and some falling branches could even be dangerous.

It may be a pain to do and you might be tempted just to leave it a bit longer, but just ignoring an issue with a tree on your property can come back to cause more trouble and cost you more money in the long run. You might be tempted to try and remove it yourself (credit to you!) however you might also be misleading yourself as to how challenging this may be and end up hurting yourself or someone or else or damaging your property. Your best bet is to contact a local tree removal company who do it quickly, professionally and safely and they’ll even remove the waste afterwards as well. If you’re looking for professional arborist to help you out, we’d recommend Tree Removal Geelong who can help you out for a good price and will give you any guidance or advice you might need.

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