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Whenever I'm giving a lecture I like to illustrate the difference between a conventional garden and a Square Foot Garden. I'll walk down the middle of whatever room we're in and, standing in the center, stretch out my arms sideways, as I say, "If this whole room were our garden, when you switch to Square Foot Gardening, you'll no longer need everything on this side." That cuts the room in half. Then I turn to the side that remains, cut it in half with my arms again, and say, "Everything on that side we don't need." That cuts that half in half again. And then I add, " That's still too much room. We can still cut down this remaining corner even more so we end up with only 20 percent of the total room. We can grow as much in this size of a Square Foot Garden as we previously could in this entire room."

Try it in the room you're in right now and see if you aren't impressed. You suddenly begin to think of the reduced amount of work, equipment, supplies, and fencing. Then you begin to see many of the advantages of being able to locate the garden where you wish and all the possibilities in your yard. Visualizing the great difference of space needed for a Square Foot Garden is really the first step in learning and appreciating the entire system. Then you can begin to take advantage of all the other attributes you will discover with SFG.

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