SFG has few or no weeds. But how? Weeds plague every garden, right? First, there are no weed seeds in peat moss or vermiculite. Next, any seeds that were in the ingredients you added to the compost pile will get cooked and killed in that 1 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature as the pile heats up. If you prepare the bed properly and line the bottom of the box with landscape fabric, no weeds will sprout from the bottom. Since we are not using our ground soil, which is filled with weeds, the only possible weed seeds in our SFG might have blown in, and as soon as they sprout, you will see them because they are out of place. Your two fingers

Using landscape fabric as a weed barrier will be your "best friend" against weeds.

Growing and Harvesting

do the rest, pulling out the weed, roots and all. Compare that to what you've experienced with your existing soil. Anytime the existing soil anywhere in the country is left alone, it sprouts weeds, hifcn system wotria yoii like to have in your backyard?

I See You

How can you tell if a new sprout is a weed? First, it's not in the proper space among your little transplants. Remember one, four, nine, and sixteen.

If it is out of place (and I'll bet you were careful to make sure your spaces were correct in that square foot), you'll pull it out of that soft Mel's Mix without a problem.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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