Turn the Handles or Chop Chop Chop

If you are in a real hurry, there are expensive, but effective, rotating drum composters you can buy. You just turn a handle, flip a container, or push a barrel around, and the contents are mixed and moved. Great idea, and they work if you do it regularly.

I've also heard of, but never tried, the closed, black-plastic-bag-of-ingredients-left-in-the-garage-over-the-winter method. Be careful when you open the bag because, as you can guess, that method uses the black-hat, no air, anaerobic process that smells.

Some gardeners have tried using plastic or molded garbage cans or even larger trash containers. You have to drill or poke holes in them so the air can get in, but if the lid is tight-fitting, you could roll it around every day.

On my PBS TV program, I showed how to make a rolling composter out of an old, cleaned oil drum. You could push it with your foot to roll it around. It was great.

I've found from my own experimenting that, no matter what method you use, the sooner you mix and move and the more you mash (cut or chop), the sooner and faster you'll start the composting action going. Just add compost ingredients by mixing it in with the top of the existing pile. Each time you add a lot or just a little, stir it into the top of the pile and mix it in well. But, don't just add it in layers.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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